December 27, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0473
Addendum to Division memorandum Dated December 17, 2018 “Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) For Teacher 1 Positions SY 2018-2019, Batch 2”

December 21, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 252, s.2018
Quality Policy SDO Rizal

Council Memorandum No. 19, s.2018
2019 Rizal Council Scout Youth Forum

December 20, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 251, s. 2018
Announcing the Result of the Selection Process for the SDO-Based Positions

Division Bulletin No. 20, s.2018
Result of the District Evaluation of Sustainable Food Production Technologies (Gulayan sa Paaralan), Model shoproom, Most Functional Home Economics and School Canteen

December 19, 2018

Office Memorandum
Schedule of Preventive Maintenance

Memorandum M-18-0472
Physical Checking of P.P.E. and Semi-expendable Items

December 18, 2018

Utilization of ICT Forms

Indorsement I-18-02765
Creating Careers, Building Futures: WCC Career Awareness Seminar

Memorandum M-18-0471
Evaluation of Sustainable Food Production Technologies (Gulayan sa Paaralan), Model Shoproom, Most Functional Home Economics and School Canteen

Indorsement I-18-02751
Influence of Leadership Models on the Performance of Selected Public Secondary Schools in Rizal

December 17, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 250, s.2018
Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) For Teacher 1 Positions, SY 2018-2019, Batvh 2

Memorandum M-18-0470
Meeting of Elementary Principal Consultant/Core Group in English

Indorsement I-18-02718
Career Advancement of Educators (PACAE) re: National Seminar-Workshop for Supreme Student Government Officers, Organizations/Class Officers of Secondary Schools

December 14, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0469
Delivery of Learning Materials on Selected Municipality

Decemeber 13, 2018

Indorsement  I-18-02755
2019 International Mind Education Specialist Training (MEST)

Memorandum M-18-0468
Teacher-Adviser Regional Training Program

Memorandum M-18-0467
Orientation on DepEd Computerization Program Handbook for Batches 35,36,40 to 44 Cum Capacity Building for ICT Coordinators

Memorandum M-18-0466
Distribution of Materials for Grade 10-12 Career Guidance Program

Memorandum M-18-0465
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 18-0445 issued on November 27, 2018 or “Stakeholders support on school project needs (3SPN)

Decemeber 12, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0464
Memorandum of Agreeement (MOA) Signing Between Deped Rizal and Ateneo de Manila University (Center for Educational Development)

Memorandum M-18-0463
Official entry form for 2019 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Making Contest

Provident Loan
The following teachers/support personel listed below have their rrespective Provident Loan Checks in this office

Memorandum M-18-0462
Deliberation on the Selection of Athletes and Coaches

Memorandum M-18-0461
One-day Capability Development Training for ALS Principal Consultants, District ALS Coordinators, SALSCs. Instructional Mangers, Literecy Volunteers and ALS Mobile Teachers

December 11, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 249, s. 2018
Schedule of Selection Process for Applicants to SDO-based Positions

December 10, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 248, s.2018
Capacity Building for School Administrative Personnel (Part 2)

Division Memorandum No. 247, s.2018
Research Seminar series 3 for LIS/BEIS Coordinators “Data 3R: Reading, Arithmetic and Writing the School Data”

Division Memorandum No. 246, s.2018
Re-orientation/Training on Internal Quality Audit (IQA) Batch 2

Memorandum M-18-0460
High value crop Development Program Distribution of Garden tools, Organic Fertilizer (Vermi-cast) and vegetable seeds

Memorandum M-18-0459
Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 141 s.2018 “Guidelines on the conductof off campus activities sy 2018-2019

Memorandum M-18-0458
Date of Submission for 2019 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Making Contest

Memorandum M-18-0457
Administration of 2018 National Career Assesment Examination (NCAE)

December 5, 2018

Indorsement I-18-02662
MPC 6th Math Invitational Inter High School Competition 2018

Memorandum M-18-0456
IPEd Program Implementation Review

Check/s in this office can be retrieved personally

Memorandum M-18-0455
Meeting of all winning School Coordinators (Municipal Level) On the 2018 Drum and Lyre Band Competition

Rescheduled Parade and Opening Program re: Cluster Qualifying Sports Competition (Dual Meet)

Division Bulletin No. 20, s.2018
Results of the 2018 Division Contest on Contextualized T Math- Videos and Gamathlympics

Indorsement I-18-02657
Felipe C. bernardo Missionary re: Room to Room evengelism at southville 9 ES and HS

December 4, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0454
Meeting of ALS Principal Consultants, District ALS Coordinators, SALSCs and ALS Moble Teachers

Divsion Memorandum No. 245, s.2018
Enjoining Participation to Men Opposed to VAW Everywhere (M.O.V.E.)

Division Memorandum No. 244, s.2018
Submission of Documents for Hardship Allowance, FY 2018

Division Memorandum No. 243, s.2018
Corrigendum to Training of Teachers on DRRM Cum Contingency Planning for the Big One

Memorandum M-18-0453
Finalization of Contextualized Teachers Modules Using CPA Approach in Mathematics

Memorandum M-18-0452
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum issued on November 27, 2018 or the “1st Division PTA Forum”

Memorandum M-18-0451
Division Orientation/Workshop of Multi-grade principals and Teachers on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tool and Classroom Observation Tool (COT) for Multi-grade Education

Memorandum M-18-0450
Participation of SDO Rizal During 2018 Cluster Qualifying Sports Competition

Memorandum M-18-0449
Solidarity Meeting in Preparation for the 2018 Cluster Qualifying Sports Competition

Indorsement I-18-02642
Teacher’s Dignity Coalition re: Forum on financial management, GSIS Policies, Magna Carta Implementation and other Teachers concern with the theme “Managing, Resources Strengthening Advocacies”

December 3, 2018

Indorsement I-18-002641
5th Provincial Assembly “Mental Resiliency: key to Individual Functional well-being”

Indorsement I-18-002640
Children and Youth Wellness technical & Advocacy Center (CYWTAC) Seminar

Division Memorandum No. 242, s.2018
Follow-up on the Submission of Delivery Information Form (DIF) for the deliveries School Furniture (TVL, BEFF & PWD) Nationwide

Division Memorandum No. 240, s.2018
Participants to “THE HOW’S of US” : Capability Development Training for future School heads

Division Memorandum No. 239, s.2018
Organization of men opposed to VAW everywhere (M.O.V.E.) and other related activities