October 30, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 153, s. 2017
Capacity Development Training for School-Based and non-School Based non teaching-personnel

Memorandum M-17-390
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum “Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGeps) Training for Government Entities

Memorandum M-17-389
Administration of Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E) Test

October 27, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 152, s. 2017
Walk through on the HRD Session Guides and Module

Travel Order RZL-17-000285
To attend the 2018 Regional Schools Press Conference (SY 2017-2018)

1st Indorsement I-17-01674
School-Based Kuntaw Martial Sports

1st Indorsement I-17-01673
APO Self-Learning e-Course on Agritourism Business DevelopmentĀ 

Division Memorandum No.150, S. 2017
Orientation on the Online Registration for All Interested and Qualified Takers of the 2017 Principals’ Test

October 26, 2017

Memorandum M-17-388
Aflatoun’s Training on Child Social and Financial Education

Memorandum M-17-387
Meeting for the Compliance of CY 2018 Annual Procurement Plan

Division Memorandum No. 151, s. 2017
Open Ranking for Principal I-IV Positions

Memorandum M-17-386
Rizal Scholarship Program for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel Batch 1-3

Division Memorandum No. 149, s. 2017
Meeting of EsP Elementary and Secondary Core Group Members

1st Notice #0921
Please be informed that the following Appointment Papers are ready for release (Elementary, Secondary, SHS teachers)

Memorandum M-17-385
Administration of the Test of English Proficiency for Teachers-Process Skills Test (TEPT-PST) in Science and Mathematics for Grade 9 and 10 Teachers

Division Memorandum No. 148, s. 2017
Orientation of Participations to TEACHeXCELS (Teaching and Learning for Southeast Asia) For School Head- Batch 3

Memorandum M-17-384
Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGeps) Training for Government Entities

Memorandum M-17-383
Administration of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT)

1st Indorsement I-17-01668
Continuing Professional Development Training/ Seminar/ Workshop on Science and Math

1st Indorsement I-17-01669
45th Atomic Energy Week of the Philippines Nuclear Research Institut

October 25, 2017

Memorandum M-17-382
Validation, Critiquing and Finalization of Materials for Capacity Development Program for Non-Teaching Personnel

Memorandum M-17-381
Cliniquing Session in Preparation for the 2017 Regional Festival of Talents in Tagisan ng Talino sa Filipino

Travel Order RZL-17-000275
To attend the Consultative Meeting with Reading Expert in line with the Division Read at Three Program

Travel Order RZL-17-000274
To attend the Planning of the Program and Invitation Committee in line with the SHS Expo 2017

1st Indorsement I-17-01666
UP Rural High School Science- Math Exhibits 2017

Division Memorandum No. 147, s. 2017
Announcing the Acceptance of Application for Elementary and Junior High School Administrative Assistant III & II Positions

Memorandum M-17-380
Submission of School paper Entries for the 2017 RSPC

Division Memorandum No. 146, s. 2017
Announcing the Result of the Selection Process for the Senior Education Program Supervisor (Monitoring and Evaluation) Position

October 24, 2017

Notice of Meeting
Meeting Relative to Senior High School Expo and Partnership Forum

Travel Order RZL-17-000270
to attend the Roll-Out Program/ Orientation Activity on the Implementation of the Policy and Procedural Guidelines(PPG) on the Certification, Authentication and Verification of Basic Education School Records

Memorandum M-17-379
Replacement of Officiating Officials RE: 2017 Palarong Panlalawigan

October 23, 2017

1st Indorsement
Child Jesus of Prague School

1st Indorsement 17-01647
2017 Biotechnology Week Celebration

Memorandum M-17-378
Orientation on School-to-School Partnership (SSP)

October 20, 2017

Travel Order
to attend the training-workshop for formal investigation committee

1st Indorsement I-17-01646
National Seminar-Workshop on Basic Robotics

Division Memorandum No. 145, s. 2017

Memorandum M-17-377
Division Seminar on Robotics

Travel Order RZL-17-000237
to attend consultative workshop on Improving Nutrition Security in the Philippines through School Intervention

Memorandum M-17-376
Submission of Consolidated Survey Forms of teachers and students with Relatives who are Overseas Filipinos (OFs)

Division Memorandum No. 144, s. 2017
2017 Regional Science and Technology Fair & Congress

Memorandum M-17-375
Submission of ICT Best Practices

Travel Order RZL-17-000241
to attend the 2017 DTI’s Tanghalang Mamimili Competition

1st Indorsement I-17-01633
SM San Mateo: talent and UN Costume parade competitions

1st Indorsement
Tomas Claudio Colleges, Practice Teaching (Secondary)

1st Indorsement
Tomas Claudio Colleges, Practice Teaching (Elementary)

October 19, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000186
to attend Development of Financial Literacy Modules

Travel Order RZL-17-000188
to attend the Twenty-Day Trainer’s Methodology Assessment for Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Teachers

Travel Order RZL-17-000218
to attend the Leadership Training Meeting

Travel Order RZL-17-000203
to attend the 12th National Rover MOOT

Memorandum M-17-374
Orientation of school scholarship coordinators on Ynares Scholarship Program

Travel Order RZL-17-000187
to attend the evaluation workshop of Grades 4 to 10 Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals

Travel Order RZL-17-000118
to attend the First General Assembly of the Education Leaders

Travel Order RZL-17-000220 to RZL-17-000222
attendance at Action Research and Statistical Analyses for Elementary and Secondary Teachers

Notice of Vacancies
Notice of Vacancies at Region IV-A Office

Official Winners of the 2017 CALABARZON GAWAD PATNUGOT

Notice of Meeting
Notice of Meeting (SHS expo)

Memorandum M-17-373
Finalization of the Grade 7 to Grade 10 Curriculum Guide and Learners Materials of Add-on Subjects in the Special Science Class

Memorandum M-17-372
2nd quarter conference for Special Science Class

Memorandum M-17-371
Emergency Meeting (Property Custodians)

Memorandum M-17-370
Indigenous Peoples Family Day cum Festival of Talents

Memorandum M-17-369
Meeting on the implementation of SSP, CI and Project 555

Division Memorandum No. 143, s. 2017
Meeting in preparation for Regional Monitoring and Evaluation of Multigrade Schools

October 12, 2017

Division Memorandum No.142, S. 2017
Meeting of EsP Training Facilitators and Demonstration Teachers

Travel Order RZL-17-000190
To attend the Semi-Final Judging of Nominees for 2017 Guronasyon

October 11, 2017

1st Indorsement # 0814
University of Rizal System – Angono “Practice Teaching”

1st Indorsement #0813
International Peace Leadership College “Practice Teaching”

1st Indorsement # 0812
University of Rizal System – Angono “Practice Teaching”

1st Indorsement 17-01626
2017 Guronasyon Search for Outstanding School Administrators and Teachers

Division Memorandum No.141, S. 2017
Meeting of Liaison Officers and SHS Administrative Officers

Memorandum M-17-368
Preparation for 2017 Sining Tanghalan

Travel Order RZL-17-000181
To attend the Write-Shop in the Preparation of Training Materials/ Modules for Non-Teaching Personnel’s Development Program

Memorandum M-17-367
2017 Division Drum & Lyre Band and Folk/ Contemporary Dance Competition

Memorandum M-17-366
Participation and Various Activities for 2017 Palarong Panlalawigan

October 10, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000183
to attend honorary officers, council board, division GSP incharge, standing committees & Trainers Meeting

Division Memorandum No. 140, s. 2017
Submission of Documents on the Utilization of Distribution Funds for Centrally Procured K to 12 learning Resources

Division Memorandum No.139, s. 2017
Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum, Division Musabaqah (ALIVE FESTIVAL OF TALENTS)

1st Indorsement
KUMASA-Red HAMAKA: Kuntaw Martial Sports

Travel Order RZL-17-000169
to attend the Capacity Development Cum Workshop for Disbursing Officers II Implementing Units

Memorandum M-17-365
Updates on the Division Festival of Talents in English

Division Memorandum No. 138, s. 2017
Final Schedule of write-shop on the preparation of training materials/modules for Non-teaching Personnel’s Development Program

Travel Order RZL-17-000178
to attend the 2017 CALABARZON Gawad Patnugot Awarding Ceremony

Memorandum M-17-364
Cluster-Based Checking and Retrieval of Original School Ownership Documents

Notice of Meeting
Leadership Training Meeting

1st Notice #0796
Please be informed that the following Appointment Papers are ready for release (Elementary, Secondary, SHS teachers)

October 9, 2017

Memorandum M-17-363
2017 Division Araling Panlipunan Competition

1st Notice #0794
Please be informed that the following Appointment Papers are ready for release (Elementary, Secondary, SHS teachers)

Memorandum M-17-362
2017 Division Kindergarten Festival of Talents

Memorandum M-17-361
Search for ICT Best Practices

Division Memorandum No. 137, s. 2017
Submission of Documents for Hardship Allowance

Division Memorandum No. 136, s. 2017
Division MUSABAQAH (Alive Festival of Talent)

Memorandum M-17-360
2017 Division Technolympics in Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)

Memorandum M-17-359
2017 Division Festival of Talents in EPP (EA, IA, HE, ICT)

Memorandum M-17-358
Supplemental Research Guides and Tools

Division Memorandum No. 135, s. 2017
Meeting with Private Elementary and Secondary LIS Coorinators on the Guidelines on Updates on the Learner Information System and Enhanced Basic Education Information System School Year 2017-2018

Division Bulletin No. 12, s. 2017
Results of the 4th Division Research Conference

Division Memorandum No. 134, s. 2017
Election of Officers of Rizal Federated Public School Teachers (RFPST)

Travel Order RZL-17-000173
2017 Regional Invention Contest & Exhibit (RICE)

October 6, 2017

Memorandum M-17-357
Rescheduling of Division Festival of Talents in Mathematics

Notice of Meeting
Meeting of tournament managers and District Sports Coordinators

Memorandum M-17-356
List of Room Supervisors and Examiners in the Administration of National Achievement Test for Grade 10 on October 10, 2017

October 5, 2017

WTD Message
WTD Message of Sec. Briones

Memorandum M-17-355
Meeting of District GSP Field Advisers & Secondary School Coordinators

Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum: Schedule of Cliniquing Sessions on Campus Journalism

Memorandum M-17-354
Meeting of Principal Consultants in Mathematics and MTAP Coordinators

October 4, 2017

Memorandum M-17-353
Clarification on Submission of Adopt-A-School Program Quarterly Report

Memorandum M-17-352
Quarterly Meeting on EsP DLP Validation Feedback

Memorandum M-17-351
2017 Division Festival of Talents in EPP

Memorandum M-17-350
Judges for the 2017 Division Festival of Talents in EPP

Travel Order RZL-17-000157
to attend the Regional Training Workshop for Educational Leaders

Travel Order RZL-17-000139
to attend the Participation/Attendance to Senior High School Mass Training of Teachers

Travel Order RZL-17-000155
to attend National Teachers’ Day and World Teachers’ Day Celebrations

October 3, 2017

Memorandum OM-PFO-2017-1079
Save Sierra Madre Day

Memorandum M-17-349
Division EsP Training- Workshop

Council Memorandum No. 36, s. 2017
2017 Council wide Jamboree on the (Air JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI)

Memorandum M-17-348
Presentation of the Prepared Structured Learning Episodes