November 29, 2017

Memorandum M-17-441
Administration of the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (ELLNA) for Grade 4 Learners

Division Memorandum No. 177, s. 2017
Meeting and Reorganization of DepEd Employees Union SDO Rizal Cluster

Division Memorandum No. 176, s. 2017
awarding ceremonies for the 1st Gawad Kampilan

Memorandum M-17-440
2017 Cluster Qualifying Sports Competition

Memorandum M-17-439
Addendum to RIFSAS’s Gawad Parangal and Testimonial Party Cum Partnership Appreciation Program

1st Indorsement I-17-01767
Norwegian Mission Alliance Philippines

Memorandum M-17-438
Participation to the Reading Association of the Philippines National Demofest

Memorandum M-17-437
Division Training/Workshop on the effective utilization of Multigrade Daily Lesson Plans and Intergrated Multigrade Lesson Plans

Memorandum M-17-436
2016 RIFSAS’s Gawad-Parangal and Testiomonial Party Cum Partnership Appreciation Program

Memorandum M-17-435
2017 ICBER List of Participants and Other Reminders

November 28, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000400
to attend Orientation and Pre-Camp for 40th GSP National Camp

Memorandum M-17-434
Meeting of all MAPEH District Coordinators/Department ChairpersonsĀ 

Travel Order RZL-17-000377
to attend the International Conference of Basic Educ. Researchers (ICBER)

Memorandum M-17-433
Capacity Building of District Coordinators on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Cum Contingency Planning for the Big One

November 27, 2017

Commemoration of the 154th Birth Anniversary of Andres Bonifacio

Indorsement I-17-01765
MFI Seminar: Technopreneurtrip

Memoranudm M-17-432
Joint Meeting of Rizal and Antipolo Divisions Re: Cluster Qualifying Sports Competition

Division Memorandum No. 175, s. 2017
Quantitative-Qualitative Research Seminar Series 1

Travel Order RZL-17-000407
to attend the Workshop on the Finalization of Learning Modules of Good Neighbors International Philippines

Memorandum M-17-431
Registration Period for the 2017 Completers of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program

November 24, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000390
To serve as Facilitator (s) on the Conduct of the Senior High School (SHS) Mass Training of Teachers (MTOT) – Academic Track (Philosophy and Social Science)

1st Indorsement I-17-01759
Affordable Private Education Center Inc., Makati City

Memorandum M-17-430
Workshop on the Finalization of Learning Modules of Good Neighbors International Philippine (GNIP)

November 23, 2017

Memorandum M-17-428
2017 ICBER Presentation Guidelines and Other Reminders

Division Memorandum No. 174, s 2017
One-Day Reorientation on Republic Act Nos. 10627, 10175 and 9165

Division Memorandum No. 173, s 2017
Roll-Out Orientation on the Implementation of the Policy and Procedural Guidelines (PPG) on the Certification, Authentication and Verification of Basic Education School Records

November 22, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000351
To attend the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree

1st Indorsement I-17-01749
Iskolar ni Gob

Division Bulletin
Result of the Gawad Siklab: Search for Outstanding Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG) in the Division Level

November 21, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 172, s 2017
Second Call for updating the Status of Studies of Scholarship-Recipients under Rizal College Scholarship Program for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

Division Memorandum No. 171, s 2017
Submission of 2017 Annual GAD Accomplishement Report (AR) and 2019 Annual GAD Plan and Budget

November 20, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 170, s. 2017
Announcing the Acceptance of Application for Education Program Specialist II (M & E)

Travel Order RZL-17-000371
to attend the Cliniquing of 2018 NSPC Qualifiers – School Paper Category

Memorandum M-17-428
Administration of the English Proficiency Test for Teachers and Process Skills Test (TEST-PST) in Science and Mathematics for Grade 9 and 10 for Public School Teachers

Division Memorandum No. 169, s. 2017
2017 Observance of the 18-Day Campaign to end violence against women (VAW)

Memoranudm M-17-427
Oath-taking of Rizal Federation of Parents-Teachers associations and orientation on Ynares Youth Scholarship Grant for Senior High School Students

Travel Order RZL-17-000375
to attend the Orientation on 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointment and other Human Resource Actions

Resetting the Date of the Division Seminar on Robotics

Travel Order RZL-17-000366
To attend the Continuous Improvement (CI) Consultation Workshop

November 17, 2017

1st Indorsement I-17-01715
Visioning Workshop for the Program Management Information System (PMIS)

1st Indorsement I-17-01714
Conduct of National Summit of Teachers and School Administrators

Division Memorandum No. 168, s. 2017
Meeting/Workshop of all District DRRM Coordinators Cum Updating the Contingency Plan for the Big One

Memoranudm M-17-426
Final Defense on Mathematics Researches

Memorandum M-17-425
Nurisha Supplementary Program

Division Memorandum No. 167, s. 2017
Instructional Leadership Development Training, Batch I

Division Memorandum No. 166, s. 2017
Instruction Leadership Development Training, Batch II

Notice of Meeting
Rizal Public Elementary School Principal Association (RIPESPA), Inc.

Memorandum M-17-424
2017 Division Metrobank-Mtap DepEd Math Challenge Elimination Round

Memorandum M-17-423
Participants to the 2017 Guronasyon Celebration

November 16, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 165, s. 2017
Roll out orientation on the implementation of the policy and procedural guidelines on the certification, authentication and verification of basic educational school records

Memorandum M-17-422
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. 96, s. 2017 “Most Functional District Learning Resource Center / Library”

Memorandum M-17-421
Conduct of On-Site Inspection / Validation of Recognized Private Schools

Division Memorandum No. 164, s. 2017
Orientation on the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointment and other Human Resource Actions

Memorandum M-17-420
Orientation Meeting on the 2017 Staggered Live-in Training In Sports

Travel Order RZL-17-000347
Training Workshops in making “Action Research and Statistical Analyses”

Travel Order RZL-17-000202
to attend the Regional Mass Training of Alternative Learning System (ALS)

Memorandum DM-PFO-2017
Office of the President Memorandum Circular No. 25, s. 2017

1st Indorsement I-17-01706
Laki sa Tibay nutrition program

1st Indorsement I-17-01705
Inter-High School Science Investigatory Project of Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers

November 15, 2017

Memorandum M-17-419
Division Seminar on Content and Pedagogy

Memorandum M-17-418
Division Preparation for the Regional Festival of Talents in the Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE)

1st Indorsement
Practice Teaching: URS Morong Campus (Secondary)

1st Indorsement
Practice Teaching: URS Morong Campus (Elementary)

1st Indorsement
Practice Teaching: URS Morong Campus (Secondary)

1st Indorsement
Practice teaching: URS Morong Campus (Elementary)

1st Notice #0996
Please be informed that the following Appointment Papers are ready for release (Elementary, Secondary, SHS teachers)

Memorandum M-17-417
Capability Building for Elders/Chieftains

Pansangay na Memorandum Blg. 164, s. 2017
2017 Pansangay na Pagsasanay sa Pagtuturo Gamit ang Mother Tongue

Memorandum M-17-416
2017 Staggered Live-In Training of Selected Athletes, Coaches, Trainers

November 14, 2017

Rizal Federation of School Administrators and Supervisors Association (RIFSAS)

Division Memorandum No. 163, s. 2017
Resetting of the Division MTPDP Colloquium

GFI Memorandum No. 15, s. 2017
New Date of G2017 AWARDS Ceremony & Other Notices

Memorandum M-17-415
Training on Contextualizing Support Systems for IPEd Program

Memorandum M-17-414
Monitoring and Verification Visits to Schools

Memorandum M-17-413
2017 National Reading Month Celebration

Travel Order RZL-17-000353
to attend the Leadership Training Meeting

Memorandum M-17-412
Evaluation of Learning and Teaching Resources in Kindergarten, IPED and Araling Panlipunan

Travel Order RZL-17-000357
to attend 2017 Regional Science and Technology Fair and Congress

Travel Order RZL-17-000358
to attend 2017 Regional Science and Technology Fair and Congress

Travel Order RZL-17-000328
to attend GSP Honorary Officers, Division GSP in-Charge, Council Boards, Standing Committees & Trainers Meeting

Division Memorandum No. 162, s. 2017
Year-end Activity / Training for All Property Custodians, Roll-Out of Learning Resources Delivery Tracking System and team Building Activities

Memorandum M-17-411
Meeting of Committee Members for the Training-Workshop of District Illustrators and Enhanced LR Portal

1st Indorsement I-17-01704
National Seminar on Creativity in Education

November 13, 2017

Memorandum M-17-410
Participants to the 2017 Regional Festival of talents in English

Division Memorandum No. 161, s. 2017
Meeting of Liaison Officers and SHS Administrative Officers

1st Indorsement I-17-01703
21st SquEEEze of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute of UP Diliman

1st Indorsement I-17-01702
17th Regional Chemistry Olympiad of UPLB

Division Memorandum No. 160, s. 2017
Roll-Out of the Financial Management Operations Manual (FMOM) for All Non-Implementing Units

Memorandum M-17-409
Writeshop on the Contextualization of National Kindergarten Curriculum Guide (NKCG), 3rd quarter

Council Memorandum No. 37, s. 2017
Invitational Scout Skills & Advancement Camp

Travel Order
to attend the Regional Festival of Talents TLE

Memorandum M-17-408
Division Training Workshop of Selected Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Teachers

November 10, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000327
to attend the Regional MUSABAQAH Festival

Travel Order RZL-17-000326
to attend the Kindergarten Regional Festival of Talents

Travel Order RZL-17-000325
To attend Regional Festival of Talents

Memorandum M-17-407
Weekly Iron Folic Acid (WIFA) Supplementation

Memorandum M-17-406
Leadership Training Meeting

Division Bulletin No. 13, s. 2017
Results of the 2017 Division MUSABAQAH

Memorandum M-17-405
Meeting of Mother Tongue Multilingual Based Education Trainers and Facilitators

Travel Order RZL-17-000324
to attend the 2017 Regional Festival of Talents, TLE

Memorandum M-17-404
Consultative Meeting with the Indigenous Cultural Community (ICC) Representatives

Travel Order RZL-17-000323
to attend the 2018 Regional Schools Press Conference

November 9, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 159, s. 2017
Meeting of Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS)

Memorandum M-17-403
Submission of SHS Work Immersion Schedule

Notice of Meeting
Orientation of Usherettes for VIPs for 2017 Guronasyon Celebration

November 8, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000322
to serve as QATAME monitor for Region Wide Training on ELLN Program

Memorandum M-17-402
Schedule of Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) Validation SY 2017-2018

Memorandum M-17-401
Addendum to the Schedule of Cliniquing Sessions on Campus Journalism

November 7, 2017

Memorandum M-17-400
Performance Review & Planning in Preparation for Cluster Qualifying Sports Competition for the 2018 Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association/ Regional Sports Competition (STCAA/RSC)

Memorandum M-17-399
Meeting in Preparation for the Regional Festival of Talents for Population Education Competition and Sining Tanghalan

November 6, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000311
To attend the National Training for Senior High School (SHS) on Competency-Based Learning

Travel Order RZL-17-000321
To attend the Regional Festival of Talents

Travel Order RZL-17-000320
To attend the 2017 Regional Festival of Talents in Filipino

Memorandum M-17-398
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum “Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGeps) Training for Government Entities”

Division Memorandum No. 158, s. 2017
Revised Schedule for the Capability Development Training for Non-Teaching Personnel

Memorandum M-17-397
Monitoring Districts of Education Program Supervisors and Public Schools District Supervisors

Memorandum M-17-396
Meeting of IPED Program Trainers/ Facilitators

Travel Order RZL-17-000316
to attend the First Regional ICT Summit 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000315
to attend the MOA Signing and Blessing of School Library

Memorandum M-17-395
Continuous Improvement (CI) Training for SSP Schools Batch 2

1st Indorsement I-17-01693
Hip Hop Dance Competition

Division Memorandum No. 157, s. 2017
Results of the 2017 Division Festival of Talents in Mathematics

November 3, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000296
To attend the Workshop on the Conduct of FY 2018 Budget Execution Documents (Beds) and Online Submission to DBM

Memorandum M-17-394
Division Academics and Co-Curricular Competitions for Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN)

1st Indorsement I-17-01690
Kabataan Roadtrip 2017: Presenting Public Administration to the Youth

Travel Order RZL-17-000309
To attend the Joint Contingency Planning for the Big One of Region IV-A, National Capital Region and Region III

Travel Order RZL-17-000313
To attend the 3-day Smart School in a Bag Training

Travel Order RZL-17-000292
To attend the Region Wide Training on Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy (ELLN) Program: Professional Development Component

November 2, 2017

Division Memorandum No. 156, s. 2017
Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Division Festival of Talents

Division Bulletin
Results of the 2017 Division Araling Panlipunan Competition

Division Memorandum No. 155, s. 2017
Division Training Workshop of Selected Grade 10 TLE Teachers

Division Memorandum No. 154, s. 2017
2017 Regional Technolympics

Memorandum M-17-393
Conduct of Orientation and Validation Workshop Relative to the Grant of Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for Fiscal Year 2016

Memorandum M-17-392
International Conference of Basic Education Researchers (ICBER) List of Participants

Memorandum M-17-391
Call for Application to the Gawad Siklab: Search for Outstanding Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Students Government (SSG)

Notice of Meeting
Meeting of Facilitators re: Region Wide Training on ELLN
Nurisha Supplementary Program