December 20, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000464
To attend the Trainings on School Mental Health and Adolescent Reproductive Health for DepEd CALABARZON Health Personnel and Guidance Counselors

Division Memorandum No. 190, s 2017
Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan CY 2018

1st Indorsement I-17-01822
URS re: Invitation to a meeting/ workshop on Licensure Examination for Teachers Review

Division Bulletin
Results of Master Teacher Professional Development Program (MTPDP) Colloquium

Travel Order RZL-000461
To attend the Field Technical Assistance Forum

Travel Order RZL-17-000463
To attend the ISO Awareness Orientation-Workshop

Division Memorandum No. 189, s 2017
Evaluation of Sustainable Food Production Technologies (Gulayan sa Paaralan), Model Shoproom, Most Functional Home Economics and School Canteen

Memorandum M-17-449
School-to-School Partneship (SSP) Program Monitoring and Evaluation Cum Coaching

December 19, 2017

Proclamation Nos. 50 s. 2016 & 269 s. 2017

2017 International Conference-Workshop for teachers, Faculty, Education Researchers and School Administrators

Division Memorandum No. 188, s. 2017
Submission of Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212 revised 2017)

Memorandum M-17-448
Orientation for the Ynares Youth Scholarship Grant

Travel Order
to attend Cliniquing Session for NSPC Qualifiers

Memorandum M-17-447
Appraisal of School Buildings for Demolition

December 18, 2017

Groupings and committee members for the MTPDP

To attend the seven-days mass training of untrained TVL senior high school teachers


December 14, 2017

Dengue Immunization FAQ

Division Memorandum No. 186, s. 2017
1st Information Systems Conference

Division Memorandum No. 185, s. 2017
rescheduled one-day reorientation on republic Act nos. 10627, 10175 and 9165

Memorandum M-17-446
Meeting of Elementary Consultants/Core Group in English

Memorandum M-17-445
Training workshop on strengthening partnership and linkages to school stakeholdersĀ 

half day service of the regional office due to regional activity

December 13, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000452
to attend on the Master Teacher Development Program Training Workshop

Travel Order RZL-17-000457
to participate to the DOST-DepED project Star

Travel Order RZL-17-000453
to attend 2017 training program for SHS technical-vocational-livelihood teachers under the strengthen technical-vocational education program and teachers of ALS

Division Memorandum No. 184, s. 2017
conduct of division inset on arabic language and islamic values education (ALIVE) program

Division Memorandum No. 183, s. 2017
research matters

DepEd Memorandum No. 199, s. 2017
Monitoring and Surveillance of learners who have been administered Dengvaxia vaccine

Council Memorandum No. 38, s. 2017
BSP District (Boy and Senior) Coordinators meeting

December 11, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000441
to attend Training-Workshop for Formal Investigation Committee Chairs and Members

1st Indorsement I-17-01789
DOST-DepEd Project STAR

Memorandum M-17-444
Submission of Grade 11 Career Guidance Program Accomplishment Report

Memorandum M-17-443
Postponement of the administration of the 2017 National Achievement Test for Grade 12

December 8, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000438
To attend the Finalization of Grade 3 Learner’s Materials for English and Filipino

Travel Order RZL-17-000444
To attend the Workshop on Learning Action Cell on Comprehensive Sexually Education (CSE)

Travel Order RZL-17-000447
To attend the National Training of Trainers (NTOT) for Junior High School Teachers

Division Memorandum No 182, s 2017
Committee Members to the Capacity Development Training for Schools’ GAD Coordinators Cum GAD Planning and Budgeting

Division Memorandum No 182, s 2017
Announcing the Deadlines for Submission of Application to Ynares Scholarship Programs

December 7, 2017

1st Indorsement
MPC 5th Math Invitational Inter-High School Competition 2017

Division Memorandum No. 181, s. 2017
Final Schedule and Venue for MTPDP Colloquium

Notice of Meeting
Meeting of Documentation Team for Gawad Kampilan and Division Excellence Award

Division Memorandum No. 180, s. 2017
Submission of updated list of beneficiaries of local and foreign scholarship programs from CY 2012-2017

December 6, 2017

To all DepEd Personnel with Financial Obligations Under the Department’s Automatic Payroll Deduction System (APDS) Program

December 4, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000431
To attend on the Conduct of Year-End Activity/ Training of All Property Custodians, Roll-Out of Learning Resources Delivery Tracking System (LRDIS) and Team Building

Memorandum M-17-442
Corrigendum and Addendum to Division Memorandum on Instructional Leadership Development Training, Batch II

December 2, 2017

Travel Order RZL-17-000414
to attend the training workshop on the Conduct of School-Based Learning Action Cell

Travel Order RZL-17-000427
to attend the conduct of year-end Activity / Training of All Property Custodians, Roll-Out of Learning Resources Delivery Tracking System and Team Building

Division Memorandum No. 179, s. 2017
Announcing the 1st Gawad Kampilan Finalists

Division Memorandum No. 178, s. 2017
Capacity Development Training for Schools’GAD Coordinators

Travel Order RZL-17-000424
to attend the Values Education Month