January 31, 2018

Memorandum M-18-033
Meeting Re: EsP Project Launching

Division Memorandum No. 20, s 2018
Submission of Nominees to 2018 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos- Award Teachers

Notice of Meeting
Preparation Meeting for 2018 Regional Sports Competition

to attend the Association of Learning Leaders-Region IV-A meeting

1st Indorsement I-18-00120
Academic Growth Assistance Program (AGAP)

January 29, 2018

to attend the Performance Evaluation and Planning Meetingto attend the Performance Evaluation and Planning Meeting

to attend One-Day Seminar-Workshop on the Downloading of Mandatory Remittances

to attend the Cliniquing of NSPC Qualifiers- Individual and Group Contests (Phase 2)

Division Memorandum No. 19, s 2018
Reports for Budget Preparation, FY 2019

Division Memorandum No. 18, s 2018
Coordination Meeting of Disbursing Officers II of All Implementing Units together with the Cashier

Notice of Meeting
Performance Evaluation Cum Planning Meeting

Division Memorandum No. 17, s 2018
New Prescribed Forms for Appointment






Division Memorandum No. 16, s 2018
Administration of Qualifuing Examination to Grade 12 Students for the Ynares Scholarship Program (YSC)

Memorandum M-18-032
Qualifiers for 2018 Division Metrobank-MTAP DepEd Math Challenge Team Orals

to attend the Preparation for the 2018 Regional Sports Competition

to attend the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2018 Main Survey

January 26, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 15, s 2018
Half-Day Reorientation on Republic Act Nos. 10627, 10175 and 9165 (Batch 3)

Memorandum M-18-031
Meeting of District ALS Coordinators and ALS Mobile Teachers

Notice of Meeting
2nd meeting relative to the SHS Expo and Partnership Forum

January 25, 2018

to attend the training for guidance counselors on the initial assessment and intervention for students and personnel found to be positive on drugs

to attend GSP Focus Group Discussions for Global Nutrition Program

TO RZL-18-00049
to serve as Facilitators on Enhanced School Heads Development Program (E-SHDP) Foundation Course Training Workshop

January 24, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 14, s. 2018
Division Orientation on the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointment and other Human Resource Actions for District and Untrained Liaison Officers and SHS Administrative Assistants II

1st Indorsement I-18-00097
Philippine Red Cross re: Council Management Training / Adviser’s Meeting

1st Indorsement I-18-00098
4th UN World Wildlife Day (WWD 2018)

to attend the Climate Change Adaptation Caravan

1st Notice 18-001
please be informed that your Appointment Paper is ready for release (elementary, secondary, shs teachers)

Memorandum M-17-030
corrigendum to Division Memorandum M-18-014 re: regional choral competition on TEA Governance

January 23, 2018

1st Indorsement
Teacher’s Dignity Coalition

Memorandum M-18-029
CheckMySchools (CMS) Cycle 7 School Visits and Meeting of Selected School Heads

Division Memorandum 13, s. 2018
Submission of list of participants to Guro 21 for classroom teachers

Memorandum M-18-028
Schedule of Job Coaching

Memorandum M-18-027
Validation of the Reading Assessment for Grades 7-10

Memorandum M-18-026
2017 Division-Wide Search for the Most Functional Community Learning Centers (CLC)

Memorandum M-18-025
Submission of 2017 National School Building Inventory (NSBI)

January 22, 2018

Division Memorandum No 12, s 2017
Schedule of On the Job Validation for Junior High School Heads

1st Indorsement I-18-00083
Continuing Professional Development International Training/ Seminar-Workshop on Training of Trainers on TECVOC Facilitators and Mentors

to attend the Roll-Out of the School Heads Development Program (SDHP) Foundation Course

Provident Loan
Provident Loan

1st Indorsement I-18-00082
ECE Roadshow

1st Indorsement I-18-00081
Philippine Association of Food Technologists Inc.

to attend the training on Facilitation and Management of Learning

January 19, 2018

to attend the meeting on enhancing effectiveness of school heads in managing and leading schools

Memorandum M-18-024
Pre-Planning Meeting for the Division Writeshop for Special Program in Science (Secondary Level)

1st Indorsement I-18-00074
Youth Mapathon Event: Catholic Relief Services

Division Memorandum No. 11, s. 2018
Schedule of selection process for elementary & junior high school administrative assistants III & II applicants

Memorandum M-18-023
Participants to the Regional Research on enhancing the effectiveness of school heads in managing and leading schools

Division Memorandum No. 10, s. 2018
Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan CY 2018

Memorandum M-18-022
2nd Commencement of BERF Funded Research Papers Date and Venue

January 18, 2018

Region wide training on the enhancement of the pedagogical skills in teaching reading in the mother tongue and the bridging process of grade 1 and kindergarten teachers

January 16, 2018

1st Indorsement I-18-00053
New APEC Development Corporation Housing Projects presentation

1st Indorsement
Implications of Action Research to the continuous improvement and policy recommendations of SHS

1st Indorsement I-18-00063
Visit of health secretary Francisco Duque

1st Indorsement I-18-00065
ESRA Technical Training Foundation

to serve at the Facilitation Skills and Management of learning workshop on SDOs Rizal Province and Antipolo City

to conduct ocular inspection for 2018 regional sports competition

Memorandum M-18-021
Alternative Learning System – Kamustahan sa Barangay

Memorandum M-18-020
Mobile Science – Travelling Science Centrum (MS-TSC)

January 15, 2018

Division Memorandum 9, s. 2018
Planning Meeting on the Conduct of Orientation cum Seminar Workshop on the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointment and Other Human Resource Actions

January 12. 2018

to serve as facilitator, training management team and participants to the Training on Facilitation and Management of Learning

Division Memorandum 8, s. 2018
Addendum to Division Memorandum No. 3, s. 2018 – Training on Facilitation and Management of Learning

to attend the 7th one southern luzon regional scouts jamborette

to attend the 7th one southern luzon regional scouts jamborette

1st Indorsement I-18-00051
D’ Great Rovers Events Management

Memorandum M-18-019
Orientation of Kindergarten Evaluators

Memorandum M-18-018
Corrigendum to Memorandum M-18-008: Division Writeshop Add on Subjects in Special Program in Science Curriculum for Secondary Schools

Memorandum M-18-017
Replacement and Additional Athletes/Coaching Staff

Practice Teaching ICCT
to elemetary school heads concerned

Practice Teaching ICCT
to secondary school heads concerned

January 11, 2018

Council Memorandum No.1, s. 2018
2018 Rizal Council Scout Youth Forum

Memorandum M-18-016
Awarding Ceremony for the 2017-2018 RSPC

Memorandum M-18-015
Resetting the date of the division performance review of the different science and technology activities in year 2017

Division Memorandum No. 7, s. 2018
Interview and Written Examination of Principal I-IV Elementary Level (Open Ranking)

Memorandum M-18- 014
Regional Choral Competition on TEA Governance

January 10, 2018

to attend the International Conference Workshop by the Guro Foundation Inc.

January 9, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 6, s. 2018
Participation to International Conference Workshop by the Guro Foundation Inc

Notice of Meeting
Joint Meeting re: Preparation for the SHS Expo

Division Memorandum No. 5, s. 2018
2017 Division Advocacy Campaign for Technical and vocational livelihood education program in ALIVE

to attend the conduct of SHS MTOT in STEM

to attend the conduct of SHS MTOT in STEM

1st Indorsement I-18-00024
PSDS of Rodriguez District: Life Coaching and Financial Literacy Seminar

1st Indorsement I-18-00032
Search for the Outstanding Mathlete 2018 (Secondary)

1st Indorsement I-18-00031
PSDS of Cainta District: Study of Senior High Program

1st Indorsement I-18-00030
PSDS of Cainta District: The teaching competencies of Secondary English Teachers of Cainta, Rizal

Memorandum M-18-013
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum M-17-422 “Most Functional District Learning Resource Center/Library”

Memorandum M-18-012
Rescheduling of Division Elimination Round on MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge

January 8, 2018

to serve as facilitator on the conduct of SHS MTOT in STEM

Division Memorandum No. 4, s. 2017
Composition of Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB)

January 5, 2018

Travel Order RZL-18-00007
year end consolidation of financial reports FY 2017

Memorandum M-18-011
Video Conference and Ocular inspection on Physical and Instructional Facilities of private schools

Travel Order RZL-17-00001
to attend SHS Mass Training of Teachers – STEM

CSC-PPT Application

1st Indorsement I-18-00027

1st Indorsement I-18-00026
MHCC Spiritual Adviser

1st Indorsement I-18-00025
Tomas Claudio Colleges: assistance to reach students

Notice of Meeting
Meeting relative to Senior High School Expo and Partnership forum

1st Indorsement I-18-00028
National Seminar-Workshop on Leadership for Advisers and Supreme Student Government

Memorandum M-18-010
Development of Division quality assurance, technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation (QATAME) pool of associates: Training for M & E coordinators

Memorandum M-18-009
2018 Division Metrobank-Mtap DepEd Math Challenge Elimination Round

Travel Order RZL-18-00002
to participate to the regional training on Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, Language and Science (primals)

Memorandum M-18-008
Division workshop for Add-on Subjects in the Special Program in Science Curriculum for Secondary Schools

Memorandum M-18-007
Review of the reading Assessment Materials for Grade 7-10

Division Memorandum No. 3, s. 2018
Training on Facilitation and Management of learning

January 4, 2018

Memorandum M-18-006
Performance Review of the Different Science and Technology Activities in Year 2017

Memorandum M-18-005
Pre-Planning meeting for the conduct of the division advocacy campaign in arabic language and islamic values education in technological vocational livelihood

January 3, 2018

Memorandum M-18-004
Participation in the Pilot Testing for the Regional Research on Enhancing the effectiveness of School Heads in Managing and Leading Schools

Authority to Travel
6th One Southern Luzon Regional Scouts Jamborette Staff Meeting

Regional Office Memorandum No. 31, s. 2017
Re-Scheduling of the 6th One Southern Luzon Regional Scouts Jamborette

Memorandum M-18-003
Reading Assessment Materials Validation and Finalization

1st Notice 001
Please be informed that your appointment paper is ready for release

Memorandum M-18-002
Provincial Live-in Training of all selected Athletes, Coaches, Chaperons & Trainers and Participation on 2018 Regional Sports Competition

Division Memorandum No. 2, s. 2018
Submission of list of awardees in the Municipal/District Level Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE)

Division Memorandum No. 1, s. 2018
Year-End Consolidation of Financial Reports

Memorandum M-18-001
Rescheduling of Meeting of Principal Consultants, Department chairpersons and District Coordinators in Mathematics