July 31, 2018

Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum re: Pansanghay na Paligsahan sa Madulang Big-Say-Wit (Bigkas-Sayaw-Awit), Sayaw Interpretasyon, Pagpapahayag ng Saliksik, Paglikha ng Maikling Pelikula(Indi-Film), Dagliang Talumpati at Interpretatibong Pagbasa

Division Memorandum No. 153, s.2018
2018 Pansanghay na Kumperensya sa Pamamahayag sa Filipino

Memorandum M-18-0262
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum “Philippine Government System (PHILGEPS) Training for Government Entities – Phase 1

Memorandum M-18-0261
Monitoring and Evaluation of Supreme Pupil Government Programs and Projects

Memorandum M-18-0260
Field Testing of IPed Program Intecultural Lesson Plans

Division Memorandum No. 152, s.2018
Division Teacher induction program (TIP) management team and implementation of Deped Order No. 43, s.2017

1st Indorsement I-18-01731
The educational Variety Show, with the theme, Defy the Limits, Perform beyond the Ordinary.

1st Indorsement I-18-01730
The Philippine Acrobatic show, the Best show for the whole Family

Memorandum M-18-0259
Meeting on Reorientation and Bench marking of the Most Functional Learning Resource Centers/Library

Memorandum M-18-0258
Benchmarking on the Most Functional Learning Resource Centers/Libraries

July 30, 2018

1st Indorsement I-18-01729
10th International Conference on Teacher Education with the them “Educational Equity through Inclusion”

Pangsanghay na Memorandum Bilang 150, Serye 2018
Panganay na Paglulunsad ng Proyekto LAMPFARA ng Asignarturang Filipino

Memorandum M-18-0257
Migration of Deped Rizal Website

Memorandum M-18-0256
Submission of Documentations on the Conduct of Career Guidance Program in senior high school and supreme student/pupil government database

Memorandum M-18-0255
SBMEA-QATAME Program Implementation Progress Monitoring and Evaluation

Memorandum M-18-0254
2018 History Month Celebration

July 26, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0253

Appraisal of School Buildings for Demolition

Memorandum M-18-0252

Teachers’ Training on Aflatoun Child Social and Financial Education

July 25, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 150, s.2018

Meeting of School Administrative Personnel

Memorandum M-18-0251

School Monitoring and Instructional Supervision

Memorandum M-18-0250

Designation as alternate focal person of the special program in arts (SPA)

July 24, 2018

1st Indorsement I-18-01638

Request letter of the Sucesos Filipinas Inc. on the counduct of the3rd History Channel Convention (3rd History Bee Competition) on August 11, 2018 at the World Trade Center, Pasay city

1st Indorsement I-18-01637

“Cornerstone” Batch 2

1st Indorsement I-18-01636


1st Indorsement I-18-01627

Invitation for “Timpalak sa Pagsulat at Pagbigakas”

1st Indorsement I-18-01626

Invitation letter from the Stagerset Event and Entertainment Productions to watch their theater shows and participate to their trainings

1st Indorsement I-18-01625

Invitation to serve as lecturer for Review Program for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

July 23, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0249

Corregendum to Division Memorandum Uploaded Last July 10, 2018 Re: Division Training on the Administration of multi-factored assessment tool (MFAT)

Division Memorandum \No, 149, s.2018

Application to 2018 SEAMO-JAPAN Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Division Memorandum No. 148, s.2018

Nomination of Participants for Full and Fee-Paying Participants scheme for the regional training programme on Learning and course Management system(LMS) Best Classroom Technology Integration

Division Memorandum No. 147, s.2018

Announcing the Result of the Selection Process for the Administrative Assistant III & II Positions

July 20, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0248

Profiling and Physical Examination of Grade 7 Dengvaxia Vaccine Recipients

Memorandum M-18-0247

Search for “Ang Batang Matibay Award”

Division Memorandum No. 146, s. 2018

Results of the Division Level Search for 2018 Gawad Patnugot

Division Memorandum No. 145, s. 2018

Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) for Teacher I Positions, SY 2018-2019 under DepEd Order No. 22, s. 2015

Memorandum M-18-0246

Division Level Search for 2018 Guronasyon

Memorandum M-18-0245

Evaluation of Open Field Garden/Urban Gardening for the Y.E.S. Program

Memorandum M-18-0244

Corrigendum to Division Memorandum PhilGeps Training for Government Entities – Phase 1

July 19, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 144, s.2018

Meeting of SHS Teacher – Applicants

1st Indorsement I-18-01623

Call for nomination of the Wenhui Award for Educational Innovation 2018

1st Indorsement I-18-01622

Request Letter of Faith Colleges to visit the diffrent public and private schools for a 30 minute presentation of their college and senior high school program

1st Indorsement I-18-01621

Letter from the Bulwagang Filipino Theatre Guild, Inc on the conduct of the National Conference Workshop of our elementary and secondary Teachers on Cultures and Arts Education


Please be informed that your APPOINTMENT PAPER is ready for release.

Memorandum M-18-0243

Corrigendum to division Memorandum uploaded last july 13, 2018 re: Conduct of Orientation and Validation workshop relative to the grant o the performance – based Bonus (PBB) for Fiscal year 2017

Memorandum M-18-0242

Meeting of Selected School Heads and Coordinators on Special Program in the Arts Implementation

Memorandum M-18-0241

Corrigendum to division Memorandum “Meeting of All Teachers – Designated Property Custodians”

1st Indorsement I-18-01612

6th International Conference and 48th National Conference of the Reading Association of the Philippines

1st Indorsement I-18-01608

Research Writing and Statistical Analysis In-depth Seminar Workshop

1st Indorsement I-18-01607

Kidney Disease Screening Test (Urinalysis)

1st Indorsement I-18-01606

Climate Change: Understanding Reducing and Adapting from Pivot Edutainment

1st Indorsement I-18-01605

Request letter of Technological Institute of the Philippines to conduct Career Talks to high school students

July 18, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 143, s.2018

Resuming the Division Training of Trainers on the Implementation of the PPST-RPMS for Teachers

Division Memorandum No. 142, s.2018

Attendance to Association of Learning Leaders-Region IV-A (All-4A) Meeting

Memorandum M-18-0240

Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (Philgeps) Training for Government Entities – Phase 1

Corrigendum #886

Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum re: Meeting of The Technical Working Group (Launching of Project LAMPFARA)

Memorandum M-18-0239

MTAP – DepEd Saturday Programs in Mathematics for Regular and Talented Learners

July 17, 2018

Region Memorandum DEPED-4A-01-RM-18-389

Association of Learning Leaders-Region IV-A (ALL-4A) Meeting

Division Memorandum No. 141, s.2018

Guidelines on the Conduct of Off-Campus Activities S.Y. 2018-2019

Memorandum M-18-0238

Policy Guidelines on Research and Related Matters

Memorandum DEPED-4A-06-RM-18-380

Announcing The SDOs Official Nominees to the 2018 CALABARZON Gawad Patnugot

Memorandum M-18-0237

Meeting of the Technical Working Group Re: Launching of LAMPFARA

1st Indorsement I-18-01541

Silver Stage re: Stage Plays

July 16, 2018

1st Indorsement I-18-01540

2018 Hands – Only CPR Mass Lecture Demonstration

Memorandum M-18-0236

Buwan ng Wika Inter School Activities: Baybayin Poste-Making Competition, OPM Kids Singing Contest, Sayaw Interpretasyon, Madulang Sabayang Big-Say-Wit, Sayaw Interpretasyon, OPM at On the Spot Poster Making Contest

Memoranudm M-18-0235

Pre-Implementation Meeting for the “CY 2018 Basic Educational Facilities Fund Electrification of Un-Energized Schools and Modernization of Electrical Systems on-grid Schools Batch 2”

Corrigendum M-18-0211

Correigendum to the Orientation on the School-based Adolescent Health and Development Program (AHDP)

Division Memorandum No. 140, s.2018

Application to the Department of Science and Technology 2019 Undergraduate Scholarship Program

1st Indorsement I-18-01540

Infinite Power Tech

1st Indorsement I-18-01539

Pambansang Kapisanan ng mga Kabataan Samahan ng Agham (PSYSC)

1st Indorsement I-18-01538

National Seminar Workshop on 21st Century Teaching and learning (CPD Program)

1st Indorsement I-18-01537

Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time – On – Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith.

1st Indorsement I-18-01536

CulEd Market Fair (NACES Advocacy on Philippine Culture and Arts Resources)

July 13, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 139, s.2018

Meeting of All Teachers – Designated Property Custodians

Division Memorandum No. 138, s. 2018

Conduct of Orientation and Validation workshop relative to the grant of the Performance Based Bonus for Fiscal Year 2017

Memorandum M-18-0234

2018 Division Sports Clinic

July 12, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 137, s.2018

Revised Requirements for ERF and PAL

Memorandum M-18-0233

Addendum to Unnumbered Division Memorandum Dated July 11,2018

Memorandum M-18-0232

Writeshop on the Development of Intercultural Lesson Plans for IPEd Program

Memorandum M-18-0231

Meeting for the Enhancement of the Reading Resource Package (English-Secondary)

Memorandum M-18-0230

Brigada for Every Child a Reader

Division Memorandum No. 136, s.2018

Addendum to Division Memorandum M-18-0205 Titled DRRM Olympics 2018 re: DRRM Olympics 2018

Indorsement I-18-01463

Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs Inc.

Indorsement I-18-01462

Campus Ministry at Francisco P. Felix memorial National High School

Indorsement I-18-01461

Values Emphasis Campaign Tour

Memorandum M-18-0229

Election of the Division Federation of Parents – Teachers Association

July 11, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 135, s.2018

Meeting on the Guidelines on Updates on the Learner Information System and Enhanced Basic Education Information System

Memorandum M-18-0228

Submission of School Form 4 Monthly Learner’s Movement and Attendance for SY 2018-2019

Memorandum M-18-0227

2018 Division Brigada Eskwela Best School Implementers School Visit and Validation

Rizal Provincial Government

Ordinance Nos. 07 and 11 both, series of 2018

Region Memorandum

Orientation and List of Participants to GURO 21 for Classroom Teachers – Batch 2

LC Circular No. 07 s.2018

Turnover Ceremony, Induction, Oath Taking and Training of the Council Board and Standing Committees for Trienniumm 2018-2021

1st Indorsement I-18-01416

Notice of Reschedule of the international conference Workshop entitled “Promoting Lifelong Learning in ASEAN Educational Institutions : Applied Science, Arts, Social Sciences and Community Developtment

Division Memorandum No. 133, s.2018

Addendum Division memorandum No. 130, s.2018 (Training of Trainers on the Implementation of PPST-RPMS)

Memorandum M-18-0226

Division Orientation on the Effectiveness of Online District Learning Action Cell (DISLAC) Session on Teachers mathematics Proficiency

Memorandum M-18-0225

Dance Rehersal of the Selected Trainers/Facilitators

Memorandum M-18-0224

Division Back to basic Remedial Math Intervention Program from Grades 1-7 pupils / students

July 10, 2018

Notice of Meeting

Ynares ECO System – Yes Program “Ligtas na pamayanan at Luntiang Paaralan”

Memorandum M-18-0223

Designation as Officer-in-Charge, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent

Memorandum M-18-0222

Meeting of GSP Principal Consultants

Memorandum M-18-0221

Monitoring on the Administration of the Revised Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI) both in Elementary and Reading Assessment in Secondary Levels

Memorandum M-18-0220

Pre-Planning Meeting on Division Writeshop in Mathematics

Memorandum M-18-0219

Meeting of S.E.A.R.C.H. Officers and District Research Consultants

Memorandum M-18-0218

Division Launching of Oplan Kalusugan sa DEPED

Memorandum M-18-0217

Pre-Planning Meeting of the Technical Working Committees Re: Pansanghay na Paglulunsad ng LAMPFARA Lapiang Makasining at Maka Filipino Alay sa mga Batang RizaleƱo

Memorandum M-18-0216

Division Orientation on Quipper, Knowledge Channel Access and LRMDS Guidelines

Memorandum M-18-0215

Division Training on the Administration of Multi-Factored Assessment Tool (MFAT)

Memorandum M-18-0214

Meeting of Elementary and Secondary Araling Panlipunan Principal Consultants

July 9, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 132, s.2018

Pansanghay na paligsahan sa Madulang Sabayang Big-Say-Wit (Bigkas-Sayaw-Awit), Sayaw Interpretasyon Pag likha ng Maikling Pelikula (Indi-Film), Biglaan Talumpati at Interpretatibong Pagbasa

1st Indorsement I-18-01415

Nutrition Month Theme : “Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon Aanihin”

1st Indorsement I-18-01414

Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines

July 6, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0213

Meeting of Cluster ROS ALS Field Implementers

July 5, 2018

Memorandum M-18-0212

Conduct of Training of Grade 7 MAPEH Teachers on Critical Content

Council Memorandum No. 10 s.2018

Council – Wide Search for Ten Outstanding boy Scouts

Council Memorandum No. 09 s.2018

Rizal Concil Kid/Kab Pisiklab 2018

Memorandum M-18-0211

Orientation on the School-Based Adolescent Health and Development Program (AHDP)

Memorandum M-18-0210

Submission of School Form 7 School Personnel Assignment List and Basic profile for SY 2018-2019

1st Indorsement I-18-01389

Philippine Red Cross’ RACE KIT and 2018 Hands – only CPR Mass Lecture Demonstration

1st Indorsement I-18-01388

16th National Science Quest

1st Indorsement I-18-01387

Campus Ministry in high schools in Rizal


July 4, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 131, s.2018
Division Orientation on Senior High School Curriculum Offerings and Related Concerns

Division Memorandum No. 130, s.2018
Division Training of Trainers on the Implementation of the PPST-RPMS for Teachers

Memorandum M-18-0209
Results of the Division-Wide-Ranking for Master Teacher Positions (Elementary and Junior High School Level) SY 2018-2019

Division Memorandum No. 129, s.2018
2018 Alternative learning System A & E Completion and Graduation Rites

Division Memorandum No. 128, s.2018
Coordination Meeting of Disbursing Officers II, all Implementing Units, Newly Appointed ADAS II

Memorandum M-18-0208
Meeting orientation on the Conduct of the 2018 Division Writeshop in MAPEH of Selected Grade 6 Teachers

Memorandum M-18-0207
Division Training on Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics , Languages and Science (PRIMALS) Program

Memorandum M-18-0206
Addendum/Corrigendum to Memorandum Reference No. : M-18-0164 Dated June 15, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 127, s.2018

Memorandum M-18-0205

Division Memorandum No. 126, s. 2018
Planning meeting for joint DRRM Olympics

Memorandum M-18-0204
2018 Conference of Basic Education Research Southeast Asia (CBER-SEA)

July 3, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 125, s.2018
Submission of List of Participants to Atttend the one-day Orientation of Newly-Hired Teachers on Teacher Induction Program

Memorandum M-18-0203
Submission of District Report on Updated List of Quality Assurance, Technical Assistance and Monitoring & Evaluation (QATAME) Associates and QATAME/M&E/SBMEA – Related Activities Conducted

Memorandum M-18-0202
Meeting of Division SBMEA Core Group Cum Workshop on the Development of DisLAC and SLAC on-line Evaluation Tools

Division Memorandum No. 124 s.2018

Division Memorandum No. 123 s.2018
Schedule and List of Participants for Revalida and Graduation ceremonies of Guro 21 for classroom Teachers

Memorandum M-18-0201
Pre-Planning Meeting of Principal Consultants in Filipino both in Elementary and Secondary Levels Re: Pansangay na Paligshan sa Pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika

Memorandum M-18-0200
Corrigendum to Division Memorandum on LRMDS Activities

Memorandum M-18-0199
Mathematics Focal Persons Meeting

Memorandum M-18-0198
Dialogue on School-Community Partnerships

July 2, 2018

Division Memorandum No. 122, s.2018
Ynares Youth Scholarship Grant orientation 2019

Memorandum M-18-0197
Meeting of asatidz Teaching the Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education (Alive) Program

Memorandum M-18-0196
High Value Crop Development Program

Memorandum M-18-0195
Planning Meeting for the Division RPMS-PPST Roll-out