DepEd Rizal recognizes the importance of community stakeholders in delivering quality basic education to Filipino learners. In the recently conducted two-day dialogue on sustainable school-community partnerships (SSCP), the Social Mobilization and Networking (SocMob) unit of SDO Rizal together with its Youth Formation coordinators has sought the voice of school-community stakeholders on how do they envision a sustainable school-community partnerships.

Prior to this dialogue, in April 2018 the SocMob unit has conducted a rapid assessment on the status and initiatives of school-community partnerships. Separate online-questionnaires were used for both school and community stakeholders to fully grasp the motivation and hindering factors on how and why stakeholders readily help the schools. To validate and clarify some key issues, a focus group discussion (FGD) with selected school-community stakeholders was also conducted.

Both the results of the online-questionnaire and focus group discussion were presented during the two-day dialogue. These schools are the official division entries for 2018 Gawad Patnugot. Sustained school-community partnerships were the primary consideration on why these schools were chosen.

The number one (1) motivating factor that stakeholders consider is the school image. It is simply the reputation of the school in its immediate community. Part of it are the results of the National Achievement Test (NAT), positive attitude and behaviour of students, hospitality and openness of teachers and school administrators towards stakeholders. On the other hand, the greatest hindering factor for stakeholders is mis/communication. This pertains also on the partnership processes the school implements. The absence of designated personnel who are tasked to accommodate potential stakeholders and unclear policy on partnerships create confusion among stakeholders.


The ultimate goal of SDO Rizal’s SocMob unit is sustainable school-community partnerships. It continuously connects with potential and existing stakeholders to improve partnership processes in SDO Rizal.


By: Nico N. Aquino