About 420 student-photojournalist, English and Filipino for Elementary and Secondary level capture their winning shots for 2019 Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC).

Hubert Gaw Pacheco,Freelance Photographer oriented students from 21 divisions in Calabarzon in order to assure that students were guided on the things that they should do and the goal that they should attain in the category of photojournalism for RSPC 2019 Cainta, Rizal. He’s one of the judges in photojournalism category both in Filipino and English at Cainta Elementary School Auditorium.He emphasized in his talk that when you’re taking a photo,you should value the picture even it’s not really that important because what you’ve captured today is captured forever. Aspiring students were very determined for they asked various questions in line with the guidelines and some techniques in improving their works. Excitement and fear were dominant enough on their faces,as a matter of fact one of the students forgot her camera,good thing there’s still remaining minutes before they started taking photos.

Furthermore,there lots of fledgling students in this category but you couldn’t actually noticed the fear on their eyes but the fire to finally be one of the winners.Also the courage anf determination from the participants who have been participating for how many years. Overall students showed confidence while they went outside the auditorium for them to start taking photos that they’ll be using on their piece.

By: Shenalyn L. Pacheo & Helen S. Neri