Awarding of Certificate of Recognition to the SDO’s who participated the 2019 CALABARZON Campus Journalism Roadshow for 2019. Also, the volunteer-teachers in the same event were recognized.

Editorial Page
1st Place – The Clariot (Batangas Province)
Features Page
1st Place – The Echoes (Rizal Province)
Pahinang Balita
1st Place – Ang Limelight (Cavite Province)
Best News Page-English
1st Place – The Echoes (Rizal Province)
Pahinang Editoryal
1st Place – Ang Sipol (Rizal Province)
Pahinang Agham
1st Place – Ang Martires (Cavite Province)
Science Page
1st Place – The Ions (Calamba City)
Pahinang Pampalakasan
1st Place- Ang Sipol (Rizal Province)
Lay-out and Page Design
1st Place – The Rectorian (Quezon Province)
Page Lay-Out Design (Filipino)
1st Place – Ang Klaryon (Batangas Province)